Why We Are Oversharing and How to Stop It-10 Simple Rules

Why We Are Oversharing and How to Stop It-10 Simple Rules

Most of us don’t go around telling total strangers about the most intimate parts of our lives.  We don’t even share these parts with most of our family or close friends. But I talk about with strangers; recently I shared my life stories when chatting about the GED test with people from the GED Prep course. Kate was super helpful!

These secrets become our little treasures or burdens.  There may be some reasons that we don’t talk about them; maybe we’re just private and choose to keep things close to our chest, or we’re embarrassed about our quirks, maybe we’re scared that would be ostracized by our community if they knew the weird things we find interesting.  The secrets may be big and small but they are ours, and we hold on to them with a tight fist.

What is fascinating to see, however, is how the blogosphere opens that fit for a lot of us.  We start to share incredibly intimate and embarrassing things about themselves through this medium with little or no fear.  Why is that?  Why do we choose to share it with the entire world on the internet?

It might seem strange to some, but I think there is a reasonable explanation.  The internet is faceless and makes us feel both free and private when we sit in front of our computers. Th screen is like a shield that protects us from the outside world, even though we know that it is, in fact, a window that lets the world in.

Ten Things That I Thought About Today

1. I wonder how badly it hurts to get a nose job.  I’ve never really thought of getting one myself but I saw this guy with a big nose, and it made me wonder.

2. I wonder what it would be like to be close friends with a famous person.  Maybe you two knew each other when you were kids, and he or she just happened to become famous, but you remained close.  Would it impact the way you behaved with her or him?

3. How much weight can you gain in one day?  Let’s say you eat delicious, decadent things all day long with no reserve, how many pounds could you gain from that one day of indulgence?

4. I wonder what it would be like to be gay in today’s America?  I have a lot of gay friends, but I don’t think you know how it feels to live someone’s life until you’re in their shoes.

5. Can you ever be truly comfortable anywhere other than your home?  Even though I love to travel, no matter how much fun I’m having on a trip there is a part of me that just wants to go home to my bed.

6.  I wonder what if anything will come of my Year of Writing Dangerously?  I have some great big fantasies about things that could happen, but I wonder if any of them will come true.

7.  How many people can you squish into a two bedroom apartment and retain some semblance of sanity?  We’re giving five adults and two kids a try this week!

8. Why is it that I can look in the mirror and feel fantastic about my body one day and then the next day look in the same mirror and see the total disaster?

9. I wonder if I’m ever going to feel at peace about my eventual death.  I hear that you reach an age when you come to terms with your death.  I have not reached that age by a long shot.  It terrifies me.

and finally,

10. Why are bread and cheese so delicious together.  Today’s specialty:  12-grain wheat loaf with French feta….yummmmm!