Update With A Cookie

Update With A Cookie

I’m feeling all lovey dovey tonight.
And not just towards my husband (because he just volunteered to help me with the Valentine’s cookies that I’m making for my ladies tea party!) but also towards the great friends that I’ve either made or gotten closer to because of this blog.

Thank you so much for your comments and support.  I can’t believe you’re still reading this thing after all these months of mostly goofy posts (with some being total downers) but I’m SO happy you’re still here. Love you, love you, love you and……love you!

OK, I have some updates to share!

First, I think the winner of my esty shop name is Attic Studio (gracias Kate).  What do you think?  Attic Art was taken (bastards!!!). So once I get the esty shop all set up, I’ll post the two small painting below (what do you think $25?) and then start painting and putting my stuff out there and see what comes back.  OK, brace yourself for some seriously depressed posts if no one buys any of them.

On the “friends” essay that I mentioned, I’m going to submit the one I listed below (thanks to the very thoughtful comments!) and I’m also contemplation submitting Mommy Dating…that’s kind of a friendship essay, don’t you think?  I’ll have to work on that one a little.

Next is the haiku experiment.  Thanks for the encouragement ladies. My haikus were pretty out there but I did like the one that ended with “I will surprise you.”  I’ll work on doing some funnier ones.

And lastly, remember my grey hair post?  Well, I went to the salon the next day to color my hair and it was kind of a disaster. Although it looked good, my head started itching like crazy the next day.  At first I thought I was going crazy. I’d never experienced that before. And then I started to see black stuff under my fingernails (I know, gross!)

I finally figured out that they must not have gotten all the dye out (even though they washed my hair twice). I told you I have crazy hair!  Anyway, after I washed my hair a few times and got my scalp to feel normal again I decided that grey hair might not be that bad after all!

So, that’s my update. If you’re still reading this it means that you are beyond lovely and that you deserve one of the heart shaped sugar cookies that I’ll be making tomorrow.  For those of you that won’t be coming to my house to eat them in person, just leave me a comment (and e-mail me your address) by tomorrow night and I’ll put one in the mail to you on Saturday!

How fun is that? Who else is giving away cookies to their readers?  That’s right baby…it’s the cookie diva Anastasia.