Why did I dye my grey hair

Why did I dye my grey hair

I have grey hair. I never thought that I would care when I got grey hair.  I liked my hair natural and didn’t feel a need to color it.  In fact, I prided myself on my ability to stay natural and intended to never color my hair.  I thought that it was more important to be happy with myself the way I was than to start the endless cycle of covering up the aging process.

I felt the same way about makeup.  I rarely wore makeup and almost reveled in the fact that I didn’t feel the need to wear makeup on a daily basis. I always thought it was healthier (mentally and physically) to not put all that stuff on your face and all those chemicals in your hair.

But as the grey hair multiplied and my skin started to look a little more aged, my faith in the beauty of “natural” started to crumble.  Then one day I saw a picture of myself with my kids and realized that I looked different than I felt.

I looked tired and worn out.  I looked at myself more carefully in the mirror and noticed the dark circles that had appeared suddenly (well, not so suddenly but I guess I just never really looked before) and the lack of an actual hairstyle (never bothered me before as I always had long hair that I thought didn’t need a style) and the appearance of many more grey hair (which suddenly made me feel old).

So I gave in. I gave up my I’m-never-coloring-my-hair stance, I put on makeup more often (apparently it makes a big difference, especially in pictures!!! Who knew?) and I went to a fancy salon and got a real haircut.

And you know what?  It made a difference.  It made me feel good to look a little better.  Part of me felt like I’d given in to the dark side but the rest of me didn’t really care.  Now in my pictures, I looked the way I felt.

Happy and well rested!

In my eternal quest to do something interesting and creative with my spare time, I’ve decided to start painting and to open an Etsy shop so that I can sell them.  Don’t laugh (OK, go ahead and laugh…it’s pretty funny!!).

Even though I have no idea what the hell I’m doing, I’m going to try it anyway.  What’s the worse that can happen?  I do a few mediocre to awful paintings and I figure out how to set up an Etsy shop.  That’s not so bad.

Here are the first two items I’m putting on!  The painting at the top of my blog is my favorite one so I’m not selling that one but I’m thinking of doing some small ones with that theme.  I did the two below a few years ago on a whim one night.

Before I can get started on my new adventure, I have to figure out a name for the shop.  Any ideas?  My website will be http://(name that I will have to live with forever).etsy.com.  I don’t want to use my name (blog or otherwise) so I’m trying to come up with something catchy.

I’m seriously bad at this part….maybe AtticArt (because my studio will be in our unfinished attic?) or MadeInTheAttic?  How about ArtForYou…or something much fun like DeliciousArt, DeliciousStuff, or quirky like BuzzArt, ArtMonger,  or plain old MommyArt.  I told you I was horrible at naming things!!