Romaine-Apple salad with home made salad dressing

Romaine-Apple salad with home made salad dressing

One of my favorite dishes to make is the salad. It’s a fairly simple concept consisting of a number of usually raw ingredients and a sauce. The greens by itself are pretty healthy, but if you want to go a little more overboard, you could put your daily dose of protein, iron, minerals, and vitamins in this kind of meal!

Even when summer is long over, I can still enjoy a good salad when I can. Because Wil and I had had a pretty hectic day yesterday, I didn’t feel like cooking, and so I decided to tumble a salad together instead, with my normal everyday ingredients when I figured that “Hey, apples would taste pretty darn good with a salad!”.

That’s how I ended up discarding my normal ingredients of choice, and went with something a little more unconventional instead.

The combination of the sweet and savory tastes in this salad is absolutely delicious (in my estimation), and I strongly suggest you try making the home-made dressing too, because it’ll blow your mind. Especially if your lactose-intolerant (like my husband), finding a salad dressing can be super difficult, and putting plain vegan mayonnaise isn’t really all that either.

Feeling adventurous
I ended up making a Romaine-Apple salad with chia seeds, cashew nuts, dried cranberries and a homemade vegan sauce using my latest discovery here in this part of the U.S.: veganaise! That’s something I’d never tried before, but because I want to push down my daily intake of dairy I decided to try it.

Because the amount of antibiotics used on cows is staggering, and because you really don’t want to know what they put in their food, it is smart to look for other sources of protein and calcium. Chia seeds are an excellent source. An oz serving of chia seeds will give you approximately 20% of your daily intake of calcium, 15% iron and half of your daily requirement of dietary fiber– which is just about twice as much as one glass of 2% milk, and you don’t get any unwanted antibiotics or hormones in your system! It’s not my favorite “superfood” for no reason, you know 😉

Chia seeds, and Cashews (which are high in monosaturated fatties) are good for your heart and blood too. And Chia seeds’ amount of fiber will help with constipation. I won’t go into detail about my experiences, but err- switching from a Dutch diet to American ingredients was hard on my body, and Chia seeds have proven to be one of the things that got my bowels back to normal.

On top of that, the antioxidants found in cranberries made them the perfect final addition to my little salad. Cranberries are super disease fighters and can lower your chances of getting cancer and heart diseases. Plus, they’re super tasty.

The recipe
For the salad (for 1 serving):

2 Romaine hearts, sliced
1 whole apple, sliced in dices
1 handful roasted cashew nuts (I used salted cashews)
1 tablespoon chia seeds
1 handful dried cranberries
several slices of cucumber
For the dressing (for 2 people’s servings):

3 tablespoon veganaise
3 tablespoon vegan cottage cheese, or yogurt
1 tablespoon lemon juice
½ tsp nutmeg
1 tablespoon chia seeds
Romain-Apple salad

1. Mix the veganaise and cottage cheese/yogurt with the lemon juice. Mix in nutmeg and fold in the tablespoon of chia seed.

2. Place the apple dices on a bed of Romaine (doesn’t that sound fancy? Hah!)

3. Add the remaining ingredients in no particular order. I placed the cucumbers on the side because I love the taste of unprocessed cucumber (with skin of course).

4. Put a tablespoon or two of the dressing on top, mix and enjoy!