Making Magic Is Hard Work

Making Magic Is Hard Work

Creating Christmas magic for my children is kicking my ass. It’s a LOT of work.

Just doing the tree took almost the whole day. It didn’t help that my oldest son is exactly like me (God help us all!). He is only 3 and he has such definite ideas of how he wants the tree to be and where he wants each ornament. I just gave up trying to convince him to do it my way and got out of the way.

Of course in the process of letting both of my sons help with the tree, we had moments when mommy lost her cool because several of her favorite ornaments fell and shattered. But in the end, the tree turned out pretty well and we all had a hand in making it happen, which was my goal.

Then came the Christmas cookie experiment. I’ve been really trying to show my children the fun and spirit of Christmas so I had to do the baking-Christmas-cookies-with-my-son thing (even though I don’t remember the last time I baked anything)!

Oh, it was so much fun making them from scratch with him. We got flour all over ourselves (and the floor) and we both did the mixing and cutting of the cookies. Unfortunately, because this was mommy’s first foray into Christmas cookie making, the cookies didn’t turn out so well.

My son still loved them (even though he did point out that they were really really hard) but I eventually had to throw them out. Oh well, I’m not a baker. But I’ve decided not to give up so I’m going to try again tomorrow with my son!

Making magic is going to take a little more work. 🙂

A woman I met recently, and have become friends with, told me that she thought I had the perfect life. She went on to describe all the good things in my life. As she was talking I kept thinking, who is she talking about? Me? That’s certainly not how I see myself.

This made me think about how strange it is for others to see you so differently than you see yourself.

It’s not that I think I have a bad life, I’m certainly grateful for my family and all that I have, but it’s so far from perfect that even using that word in jest would make me laugh.

But then I realized that anyone’s life could be seen as perfect from another person’s perspective. It doesn’t matter what your life’s circumstances are, there is at least one person or more likely many people out there that at this moment see your life as perfect!

It’s not only beauty that is in the eye of the beholder but also the perception of the perfect life. So look at yourself and your life at this very moment and know someone out there sees you and thinks that you, yes YOU have the perfect life.