If My Husband Left Me, I’d Prefer That It Was For…

If My Husband Left Me, I’d Prefer That It Was For…

I recently heard someone say about the Angelina/Brad/Jennifer thing that it would especially hard for her to see her husband run off with such a beautiful woman.

The implication was that it would be harder than, for example, if he had left her for an average looking woman or an uglier woman. This made me think, would it really be better (or make me feel better) if my husband left me for a less attractive woman? Or an older woman?

Wouldn’t that be worse? Kind of like the Charles/Diana/Camilla love triangle. I always thought that situation was especially hard for Diana because Charles loved Camilla so much, not because she was more beautiful or younger, but because he and Camilla were (presumably) intellectually and spiritually connected in a way that was much more substantive and meaningful than with Diana.

So, I wondered, hypothetically, if your husband were to leave you, would you prefer that it was for:

1. A much more beautiful woman with similar career and/or intellect as you.

2. A much uglier woman with similar career and/or intellect as you.

3. A much younger woman with no real intellect.

4. A much older woman with a lot of money.

5. A much older woman with similar career and/or intellect as you.

6. A much more successful and intellectually superior woman than you with average looks and around the same age.

7. A June Cleaver type woman that was completely devoted to his every need.

8. A gorgeous man.

9. An ugly man.


10. Another combination I have not listed.

And which of these would be the most hurtful for you?

It’s a hard question of course because I would prefer that my husband never leave me but just for the sake of this hypothetical, I think I would prefer that he leave me for a much younger less intellect woman or a much older with money woman because I would consider those superficial things that make him an idiot and allow me to blame myself less for his departure. And the most hurtful? I think it would be number 6.

What about you?

So, I will keep writing. And maybe you’ll keep reading.

But I want to tell you that even though it’s been hard to sit in front of this screen each and every night and come up with something coherent to write, this blog has brought me such joy.

It’s helped me work through ideas, feelings and struggles. But the best thing it has done is connect me with interesting, smart, funny and thoughtful women.

I want to thank every one of you that have taken the time to read my blog. I know I don’t respond to comments like a lot of other bloggers do but you should know that every single one of your comments means something to me.

Your comments have been kind and generous and have brought such fun and joy to my life.