How to prepare for a Weekend Getaway

How to prepare for a Weekend Getaway

This past weekend I did something I haven’t done since before I became a mother: I went away. By myself. For years one of my closest friends and I have tried to plan a weekend at her family’s cottage and it’s never worked out, but on Friday afternoon I packed my things and headed out for a totally relaxing weekend. No kids, no husband, no responsibility…just me and a good friend and a whole lot of beautiful scenery. And wine. And beer.

I was in such a rush to leave I left my purse sitting by the front door. Dave came home from work that afternoon and I couldn’t get out of the house fast enough.

We had an amazing weekend – the weather was absolutely gorgeous and it was totally friggin’ awesome to kick back with a good friend and just chill. At night we sat on the deck and gazed at the stars; we went down to the dock and drank our coffees by the water in the mornings. We talked and laughed and shared silence together. We went for paddleboat rides, played games and took in the crisp air, not to mention the brilliant fall colors that were peeking through.

There was a tree out by the porch that was mostly green when we arrived; by the time we left many of its leaves were a beautiful fiery red. The view from the end of the dock was amazing, and the stairs leading up to the cottage from the dock was a little slippery. Further down there were a hundred of these beautiful trees and they turned their leaves to the most gorgeous colors I’ve ever seen.

Our first morning there, we realized there was no cream for coffee and were forced to use Kahlua instead. It was tough. I almost had Jupiter, dammit. Who needs Jupiter when you’ve got ‘sexy’? Later that day we went paddle boating at twilight. On Saturday, just after we’d come back from the paddleboat ride, Dave called so the kids could say goodnight to me. My conversation with Julia went something like this:

“I miss you, Mummy. Are you coming home tonight?”
|“I miss you too, sweetie. I’ll be home tomorrow to put you to bed.”
“Oh, so you’re coming home tonight?”
“No, tomorrow.”
Tomorrow, Julia. You’ll go to sleep tonight and wake up tomorrow and hang out with Daddy and Oliver and then I’ll be home. Okay?”
“Okay!” Pause. “So you’ll be home tonight?”