Rude behavior seems to be consistent with doctor’s offices

Rude behavior seems to be consistent with doctor’s offices

I am soooooo frustrated right now! I am trying to set a doctor’s appointment for my son and can’t even get through to the appointment desk. I have called and called and called only to get a busy signal every time. I looked in the phone book and there was another number listed to call in case there was no answer at the main number.

I called the alternative number and asked to set an appointment. I was tersely informed that I had to call the main number. I explained that I had been trying to call the main number for half an hour and kept getting a busy signal. She smarted off, “Keep trying” and hung up. Perhaps this alternate number was an emergency number, but it was not listed as such in the phone book, and she never informed me of such either.

This kind of rude behavior seems to be consistent with doctor’s offices these days. I have encountered it several times during my own office visits, but this particular clinic seems to have cornered the market. The doctor is great (which is the only reason I have stayed with this clinic), but the office staff is horrible. When you can actually get a call through to them, 9 times out of 10, they are abrupt and impolite.

My son takes daily medication and must have a written prescription for one every month. Calling in to get the prescription sent out is hit and miss. You are automatically sent to the nurses voice mail to leave a message. She rarely ever calls back, and once his prescription did not get sent out because she was on vacation and the person who was supposed to check her messages didn’t bother to do so. It took me two days to get that situation straightened out, two days of my son being without his medicine.

I understand that they are very busy in these doctor’s offices, but patients and their families should not have to endure the lack of common courtesy. They are supposed to be there to help people, not antagonize them. It has now been over an hour and I have tried to call numerous times while posting this, I’m still getting a busy signal. I think if I ever manage to get an appointment made, I’m going to demand my son’s records when I leave.

Only for girls?

Every day at around noon, I pick up my three year old son from preschool. When he gets situation in the car, I ask him about his time at school and hope to get a glimpse into his day. Some days he gives me great descriptions of his time in school and the conversations he had with his friends (I love these days) but most days getting information out of him is like pulling teeth.

me: how was school?

him: great (in a completely not excited tone).

me: what did you do?

him: (no response)

me: what did you eat for a snack?

him: (five full seconds of thinking about whether he feels like answering me and then) bread and water.

me: sweetie, what did you do in school? (my second attempt at getting some information)

him: (looking out the window).

But today was different. After he got situated in the car, without any prompting he suddenly said: “mommy, I’m happy I’m not a girl!”

I was so caught off guard but after a second or two said, “why are you happy you’re not a girl sweetie?”

“Because I don’t want to put things in my ears.” I turned around to look at him and realized that he was pointing to my earrings.

I laughed and said “well, it’s a good thing you’re a boy because boys don’t put things in their ears.”

It was just a harmless statement to a three year old boy. Just like when he points to dolls in toy catalogs and says “mommy, I don’t want those, they’re for girls!” And I respond, “yes they are sweetie.”

I’m not sure if I should be saying something else. If I should start telling him that some boys do put things in their ears or that dolls are not just for girls.

I’m not sure when to start with the subtleties of gender roles, but for now I’m keeping things simple for my three year old.