Seniors on Facebook, OMG what now?

Seniors on Facebook, OMG what now?

I would like to make a very special announcement…my mother has discovered the biggest time waste of all time wastes, Facebook and YouTube!!! Watch out YouTube; my mother is searching you for funny videos.  The world will never be the same.

Among her many discoveries on that magical thing called the internet is my blog! After writing over 200 posts (every day since June 17), my mother is finally reading what I’m piecing together every night.

Welcome, mom!  It’s going to be so much fun to have you with me during the rest of my year of writing dangerously!

How did she suddenly come upon this rarest of all things, the internet, you might ask.

Well, to make a long story short, I was walking around the mall with my dad recently when we happened upon an Apple store.  I forced him to go inside, so maybe I could convince him to join us in 2009 with some advanced technological power (his gigantic five-year-old laptop runs so badly that to call it slow would be a compliment).

Anyway, as the sales guy is showing us the different machines, my dad points to an iPhone and says, “Hey, I have one of those.”

I correct him immediately by telling him that there is no way he has an iPhone!  I told him that he was probably confusing some cell phone device that must have looked similar.

He tried to convince me that he did, in fact, have one and that he had it stashed safely in the bottom drawer of his desk, but I didn’t believe it.  I mean, who has an iPhone and keeps it hidden in their bottom drawer for safekeeping???

When we got home, he showed me the infamous iPhone.  I couldn’t believe it. This thing that I had only dreamed about buying (but was too cheap actually to get) was just sitting for God knows how long in there.

I immediately turned it on and started showing my parents how to use it.  My dad wasn’t interested, but my mom’s eyes lit up and so started a new era in our family…where the parents and children connect in the outer reaches of the world wide web.

Oh, how much fun she’s been having to search through that fantastic YOUTUBE and looking at my posts and quoting back phrases to me with a wry smile.

I’m so happy that I forced my father to go into that Apple store.  Because of that one moment, my mother has a new fun thing in her life, and I have a new way to tell my mother how much I love her.