How A Social Media Virtual Assistant Can Help Your Business

How A Social Media Virtual Assistant Can Help Your Business

Social Media is Mightier Than the Sword

A Social Media Virtual Assistant takes pride in helping others become successful in their business. Actually, an experience I had with helping a friend set up some things for her business opened the door to me thinking about what being a Virtual Assistant is all about. Being able to say that I can help with some of their administrative work and media presence while they spend time with a client or growing their business in some way makes me feel good.

So the other day I was helping a client set up a new Facebook, Twitter and YouTube account, the Holy Grail in the social media world. And I realized how much this was going to help their business.

Setting up these accounts and creating content for them was going to bring them before a worldwide audience. And if I did my job right and used the correct keywords and a little SEO it would bring them before a target market that needed what they had to offer which would help the people and grow the business.

It blew me away! In the 1800′s it was first said that the pen is mightier than the sword. Now, we need to say social media is the new pen. For someone like me who likes to help my clients, who generally want to sit in the driver’s seat, with their social media presence and exposure and that is exciting. Just think setting up a free account on any of the social media sites and then learning about it and putting the correct content on it could change your business for the better.

One of the most important things to remember about social media sites such as Facebook & Twitter is that they are conversational and relationship driven. These people want to hear about things they don’t want to have a sales pitch thrown their way. Be aware, though, that working with a Social Media Virtual Assistant requires also a bit of discipline on your behalf. So read this post about the biggest mistakes to avoid when working with a Social Media Virtual Assistant carefully!

YouTube and Pinterest are more demonstrational and informative that is where Uncle Harry learns how to change the oil and Aunt Molly learns how to make a new type of cookie. LinkedIn is the playfield of the professional. There are people to connect with, groups to join and people to watch to see if some sort of business can be done. None of the above is set in stone but a general idea of the type of person on each of the sites or the type of interaction they are looking for. Most VAs are great Jack-of-all-trades who will go to great lengths to support their clients!

If you are saying to yourself but there are so many of them. Which social media site do I start with? That is why there are people like me who can talk with you and learn what your needs are and make decisions at that point. So check out in what way a Social Media Virtual Assistant can help you grow and manage your business. Let their mighty pen do the work to get you well-presented on all social media.