Getting outside to exercise with a baby

Getting outside to exercise with a baby

We all know the life of a mom revolves around taking care of our children.  And finding time for yourself takes a backseat to our hectic schedules.  But it is important to take care of ourselves!  And exercise definitely is important, just getting out and about can make you feel better and improve your stress level.

Here are some simple workouts moms can do with the baby in tow to help get back to exercising.

Walking with Baby

Power walking is one of the easiest ways to lose weight, and safe to do right after having a baby just make sure to check with your doctor.  All you need is a stroller.  Most babies like a change of environment and the fresh air.  So take your little one and get outside.  If the weather isn’t cooperating check out your local mall.

Running with Baby

To run with a baby, use a proper baby jogger.  They recommend the baby to be at least six months old as joggers do not provide adequate neck and back support for newborns.   If you are just starting a running program, remember to increase your mileage gradually.  Run/walk is a great option.

Also check out your local area, a lot of park districts, running stores offer Mommy stroller fitness classes (stroller fit)that offer exercise and toning exercises while using a stroller.  It also lets you meet other mommies in the area.

Biking with Baby

Biking is great exercise that mothers can start once the baby is about eight months old and is big enough to go in a bike trailer. Most bike carriers hold two children.  Please make sure the child is wearing a bike helmet.  Then find a local bike path and get out for a ride.

How to complete your first Triathlon

Thinking about trying out your first TRI?

For all of you mommies who have an interest in getting a little exercise. Anyone can do a triathlon. It is not as difficult as you might think. You don’t need insane amounts of time to train, or talent, you just need a little MOTIVATION. So to all you thinking about adding fitness to your lifestyle, get out and give it a TRI!

The advantages of trying a TRI:
1) It is a multisport, so you will never be bored
2) You will be training your ENTIRE body
3) You will get in good shape, and live longer
4) You get to be outside and enjoy the great outdoors
5) It’s fun!
There are many resources to help you get started. There’s a ton of information out there. However, here are a few suggestions.

To get started with training:
1. Take it slow.
If you haven’t been exercising, don’t overdo it. Your body isn’t used to it. Start with 30 minutes a few times a week, and increase gradually. Just getting out there is progress.
2. Set your goals.
Training is best if you write it down. Give yourself a goal. Think simple, you are not trying to win the event, you are going to be thrilled with whatever you accomplish. A good place to start is completing a 5k or 3.1-mile running race.
3. A workout plan.
Now, figure out how much time a week you have for training. Make sure you give yourself days off, you want your muscles to recover.
Check out Beginner Triathlete–it will provide you with training plans for your triathlon, based on the distance you are looking to compete at.
4. Sign up for your race.
This will commit you and motivate you to stick to your plan. There’s no excuses after you sign up for a race!
If you need more motivation, join a local Tri club–gives you more motivation to train with buddies!

There are some great triathlons just for women. This offers competition with women–just like you! Takes out the worry of competing with men. Great for the first time triathlete. They offer triathlons in various locations around the country, there is probably one in your backyard.