Enjoy Every Minute With Your Child!

Enjoy Every Minute With Your Child!

Some great advice I received when I was a “new mom,”  was to try and enjoy each moment with my baby.  Below are a few tips to help you enjoy your little one. I am a mom to a 21-month-old, and I can’t believe that he is already almost two. The first year was tough, feeling sleep deprived, and having to care for another person that was completely dependent on me was so exciting and exhausting all in the same breath.

The second year has been filled with challenges of an “almost terrible two-year-old”, and trying to set boundaries, yet still let him explore the world. But every day has been an adventure and I loved every minute of the smiles, giggles, and the first steps, and words.  And I am really enjoying the innocence of childhood, and it amazes me.

It has been so rewarding watching my son develop into a little being with thoughts and a cute personality as he explores his environment.  I love the “wows”, when he sees something new and exciting. I certainly don’t know everything about parenting, and I just try to be a good mom.  But when I am having a “mommy stress moment”, I try to remember why I love my little man, and how much I enjoy being a mom!

5 ways to Enjoy your little one:

1. Think about all the fun, positive moments. Diaper change, talk to him, tickle his cute tummy, make him giggle.  They won’t nap–play with them quietly while you hold them in your arms and read a book.  Give him a hug and kiss before bedtime.  Laugh at the fact that you just cleaned up a mess, and he dumped over another bucket of toys of toys.

2. Join local groups, or mommy/tot classes. Check out your local library for story times, local community center/park district for different activities, groups, or classes. Meeting other moms helps maintain your sense of self.  And your little ones will enjoy playing with others their age too!

3. Slow down, and enjoy each stage. Don’t say, “I wish he could walk, or talk, or when will he be potty trained.”. Before you know it, your baby will be out of the baby stage. Cherish each stage of life your child goes through. Once the stage passes, there is no turning back.

4. Snap a lot of pictures. You know the saying, a picture is worth a thousand words. You will be able to capture these flickers in time, and when you look back you will be so glad you DID!

5. Take some time for yourself! It is okay to take a few minutes each day for yourself.  Go for a walk, read a book for a few minutes, just relax.  It will recharge your batteries, and will make being a mommy much more doable.

Just ENJOY your time with your little one, and I promise you won’t regret it!  Afterall, there is nothing more priceless than raising a child.