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About Me:I am a SAHM to 2 children.  I have on in Mommy and me classes, one in Kindergarten, two in high school and one in college.  I also have a step-daughter who is in high school as well.  We are a blended family.
0072-ci_78359-35dgI left a successful career in Human Resource Management after youngest child was born.  I decided I had missed too much of my children’s lives and was tired of being on a corporate leash so I gave up my Blackberry for a bottle and have never looked back.
I grew up in San Diego and that is where my heart is to this day but I love the little community in West Virginia in which we now reside with its rolling hills, slower pace of life and the four seasons.  I never realized how enjoyable the seasons could be since I grew up without experiencing them.
We are close enough to Pittsburgh thankfully that we can engage in as many cultural activities as my heart desires when the city girl in me is aching to be released.  At home I’m a hands-on mom preferring educational games, crafts and cooking with my children to board games and television.
I am a member of our local chapter of Mothers of Pre-Schoolers (MOPS) and serve as a table leader for the group this year. I am active in my church and maintain Christian family values in our home.
Blogging has been my refuge when I feel like I’m losing all those corporate skills I built over several years of hard work.
To contact me please send the email to info {at} redheadva.com and give a day or two to answer your questions