The Beauty of Time Stamping Post

The Beauty of Time Stamping Post

For most of you readers, this will probably be old information but to some others, it will be new. To all, it should prove to be helpful in some shape or form. Now I am not sure about you all, but I would always wonder how these “pro” bloggers post two to three times a day consistently. How they always find a time to make these post which is usually at certain time intervals.

I figured maybe they type the blogs or at least notes on their phones until they have time to reach a computer. It also crossed my mind that these “pro” bloggers are online all day and have no other life. But neither of these answers seemed to make sense nor did they seem to be correct. What per say is the key to a consistent blog schedule? It is a consistent post writing schedule.

The Time Stamp

See what the big shot bloggers do is take advantage of a little tool known as “time stamping” post. Simply put, this allows a person to type a post and schedule it to post on a certain time and date. This works wonders if you do not have the time to be at the computer all day. It is available for both WordPress as well as Blogger blogs.

I plan on taking more advantage of this tool because it would help free up some time in my schedule for other projects. With me updating my blog daily, I would like to attempt to have at least one blog in query at all times. That way there should be no reason for there to be a day without a post on TGTmoney.

In life, not everything goes according to plan and the same could be said for blogging. I recently decided to switch from the Blogger platform to WordPress because I had simply grown out of what Blogger had to offer. The ways I wanted to customize my site could not be done within the Blogger so I needed to find another service.

I was aware that WordPress was one of if not the best blogging service available but wanted to start out with Blogger to get an understanding of the basics of blogging first.

So I searched the net to see others experiences in porting their blogs to get an idea of what I was in store for. The information I came across showed that it would not be as daunting of a task as I predicted.

I figured a weeks’ time should be sufficient for me to learn WordPress and have my site complete. Now everything went according to plan except for my logo/banner.

The process of finding the right designer and communicating exactly what I wanted done, took about a week’s time alone; not to mention the actual design process of the logo itself. But everything is under control and he is diligently working away on it. I would rather have him take his time and do it right than rush.