Are You Ready For A VA?

Are You Ready For A VA?

If You’re Ready to Have …

  • Increased revenue (many of my clients credit my contributions for their making more money);
  • More time in your workday;
  • Items on your To-Do List removed;
  • Social Media set-up, linked, monitored and/or managed (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Blog, etc.);
  • A monthly newsletter which matches your professional “brand” and promotes your message;
  • Business processes streamlined;
  • Your email sorted and database kept up-to-date;
  • Your appointments added to your calendar (after all, prospects & clients are your bread & butter);
  • A weekly & monthly detailed overview of all current projects (so tasks won’t fall through the cracks);
  • Fresh ideas you haven’t thought of for promoting your business or marketing your events;
  • A partner in productivity who is able to see the ‘big picture’ and provide creative solutions;
  • Etc.

Then A Virtual Assistant is ready to work with you!

Let’s face it. You likely know why you need a Virtual Assistant and you probably have a sense of all the tasks a VA could assist you with (many of which can be found on the “Services Offered” description below). Check out also these productivity tips by seven successful people.

Equally as important in making your decision to work with a VA is that you may want to get a sense of the personality. Since most of the services the VA will be providing for your business will be handled “virtually”, you may want to receive some information about your VA and why you should be confident and feel comfortable in choosing the right VA to assist you in your business and placing your trust in your VA’s abilities. You want to be sure that your VA enjoys working with you, not only for their professional skills and resourcefulness but also for their upbeat disposition and positive attitude.

Usually, VAs have worked in Administrative positions for many years. Most have titles that they have enjoyed throughout their careers such as Administrative Assistant, Office Manager, Project Coordinator or Executive Assistant and their skill sets can be applied to virtually any type of industry. So if you want the customer, hire a Social Media Virtual Assistant.

Now you want to make sure you won’t make any mistakes when hiring a VA so check out this post with the most common mistakes to be sure. In general, though, VAs can be trusted very well and tend to work much more efficiently and effectively when they have the opportunity to work independently. They work at their best when they are designated responsibilities, are trusted to get them completed in a professional manner, and manage their time on their own.

At the same time, you want to make sure you stay in the driver’s seat and keep control. Well, don’t worry. Your VA will only help you to make your position stronger as you’ll have more time to devote to your key responsibilities.

Services Offered

The tools VAs use in their business practice, they will apply in their own lives as well. The VA services they provide are basically an extension of who they are and what they truly love to do. A good VA is generally a real Jack-of-all-trades. They are highly organized, resourceful, detail-oriented, prompt, thorough, skilled, and highly professional.  Some of the services they offer include, but are not limited to:

Facebook Page Forms/Presentations/Documents Travel Coordination
Twitter Profile Marketing Support Create Operations Manual
LinkedIn Connections/Updates Customer Relations Management Manage & Sort Emails
Blog Posts/Maintenance Correspondence Mail Merge
Newsletter Production Writing/Proofreading/Editing Reminder Service
Event Marketing Word Processing & Formatting Internet Research
Article Writing/Marketing Database Administration Personal Concierge
Press Release Writing/Distribution Schedule/Calendar Management *Etc.