Animal and human chartities: the importance

Animal and human chartities: the importance

I was having a discussion with one of my friends the other day, and she was telling me how her friends think that human charities are a lot more important than charities for animals. As you all know, I’m obsessed with animals and I’m anti animal cruelty (even though animal charities has nothing to do with cruelty), so I had to have my say on the topic.

We have the ability, as humans, to improve… to evolve into something better. For example, take technology; think how far our world has improved (in my opinion) because of the increase in humans inventing new, improved pieces of technology.

Animals do not have the ability to do what we do. However, this does not mean we should look down on them. This, in my opinion, means that because we are capable of working, earning money, etc. we should be helping out these animal — providing support and help to these animal charities. We waste money on things we do not need.

We live in a materialistic world, and I admit that I always want new things, but I don’t necessarily need them. Recently, I have been thinking a lot about this.

I know in these hard times, it may be hard to spare a few dollars, but by simply turning off electricity when you’re not using it, you could easily save a bit of money which could help these animal charities. It would also be very good for the environment.

Even by shopping around to get something a bit cheaper, or even by donating old books, clothes, etc. to your local charity shop would really help a lot.

I’m not saying that animal charities are more important than charities for humans, but I feel that other people think that we should support the human race and the human race only.

We have the ability to help both animals and humans. I know that when I get a stable income, I’ll definitely be donating money to animal charities because I don’t believe they get the support they need. Animals are being put to sleep because these charities cannot afford to feed, and provide the basic needs for these animals.

We have the knowledge and the ability to help these animals, so why aren’t we?