Five Of The Best Ideas for Adventurous Family Holidays

Five Of The Best Ideas for Adventurous Family Holidays

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If the thought of an over-sized dancing mouse fills you with fear and being asked to enter a poolside belly-dancing competition isn’t your idea of fun, then worry not intrepid traveler as below are five awesome ideas for adventurous family holidays which will leave you excited, rejuvenated and down-right inspired.


Is there anything better than waking up to the sounds of birdsong and the smells of a freshly cooked breakfast?

Spending nights under canvas as a family will certainly bring you closer together and from the Peak District to the Egyptian desert, you’ll get to experience no end of memorable moments that will stay with you for a lifetime.

We all remember our first camping trip and like so many things, it’s often spending time with each other that stays with us the longest – that and Dad trying to put up the tent!

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Don’t be too quick to write sailing holidays off as being the reserve of the rich and famous.

These days there are numerous opportunities to make the most of life on the ocean wave with destinations such as: the Caribbean, the Mediterranean and Australia, all providing a vast array of exhilarating and relaxing family experiences.

From bare boat yacht charters to letting the crew and skipper do the work, you’re bound to discover a sailing trip out there that’s got your family’s name all over it.

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West Virginia waterfalls in a National Geographic Contest! © by ForestGladesiWander


The world is full of fascinating creatures and from watching documentaries to pawing over back-copies of National Geographic, children are as intrigued about what inhabits the planet as their parents.

Taking your family on a holiday that centers around wildlife is a fabulous idea that will no doubt enthral, educate and excite in equal measures. However far you’re willing to travel: Europe, North America or even Africa, you’ll quickly discover just how wild our planet can be.

Wildlife holidays are undoubtedly one of the best ways to get back to basics and from watching watering holes whilst on safari to listening out for monkeys as you trek through the jungle, cares will be forgotten as quickly as TVs and games consoles.

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Koh Tao Island © by Ianz


If your family’s idea of a holiday involves early starts, cycle paths and a whole bunch of outdoor fun then make sure you’re going to inhabit a base that’s all about the activities.

If you’re stuck for ideas try: skiing in Copper Mountain USA, kayaking on Croatia’s Dalmatian Coast or learning how to dive around Koh Tao Island, just off the coast of Thailand.

There’s more to life than lying by the pool and listening to the kids bicker over the inflatable boat, get them kitted up and head for the hills because from hiking to surfing you’ll never look back.

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Camel Safari, Sahara Desert © by babeltravel


How many times were you forced to trudge from ancient monument to historic statue when you were a kid?

The chances are that even whispering the word ‘culture’ within the same breath as family holiday will send shivers down even the most optimistic of parents however, don’t despair, help is at hand! There have never been so many exciting opportunities to absorb and learn whilst having fun at the same time, it all depends how willing you are to give it a go.

Destinations such as Jordan, Tunisia and Cuba are all jam-packed with cultural locations that are guaranteed to inspire the imaginations of your young Indiana Jones’ and when combined with camel safaris, desert camps and trips to the beach, you can’t fail to impress.

Whatever you’re planning for your next family holiday I hope you have a great time and if you get the chance to undertake one of the ideas mentioned above then I know that you’ll have a great time!